Lautaro has spoken to Lukaku every day since his transfer

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Inter Milan forward Lautaro Martinez has revealed that he has spoken to Romelu Lukaku every day since his transfer. and very pleased to be able to work together again

         The Argentine striker scored the goal for the ufabet team to lead Spezia from Lukaku’s assist, before Hakan Chalanolu and Joaquin Correa joined in again. Each child helped “Python” to win a beautiful 3-0, which Lautaro was happy to coordinate with the Belgian star again. Ready to reveal that we have been talking every day since moving to Chelsea

         “It’s amazing, we are facing a very strong team and very pressured. But we are doing a good job and we have to keep going like this. The road ahead is still long,” Lautaro told Sky Sports Italia.

         “I’m very happy that he came back because he said we had to fight with anyone. He has made us more dangerous and we will continue to fight alongside him.”

         “I have been in contact and talking every day since he left. He has helped the team immensely. We all want to keep improving. We have four talented strikers and everyone has different characters.”

“I am very happy he came back, because he said we need to battle against everyone. He’ll give us a big hand and we will continue battling alongside him.

“We kept in contact and spoke every day from the moment he left. He is a great help to this team. We all want to keep improving, we have four talented strikers and all bring different characteristics.”

There was news this week that Inter have taken Milan Skriniar off the market, even if Paris Saint-Germain raise their offer.

“Skriniar is a very important player for us and everyone knows it. We’ll fight to win everything.”